• STAND (default), SIT, DOWN.


  • X1 (default), X2, X3, X4, X6, X8, X15.




  • GRIP_NO (default, you can also use it for ANGLED GRIP), GRIP_HALF, GRIP_VERTICAL.

All Weapons:

  • AKM, AUG, VSS, Beryl, Bizon, DP28, G36, GLOCK18, GROZA, M249, M416, MK14, MP5K, QBZ, SCAR, Scorpion, Thompson, UMP, UZI, Vector, M16A4, Mini14, Mk47_MUTANT, QBU, SKS, SLR, DEAGLE, M16A4_BURST, Mk47_MUTANT_BURST, NAGANT_M1895, P1911, P92, R45, Saiga-12K, AUG_PUBG_LITE, GROZA_PUBG_LITE, M416_PUBG_LITE.

Program Interface

When the program starts, it authorizes the user. The first time you run the program it registers a new user and asks for activation. After succesfull activation it will open the main program window.

Macros Interface

Table "Controls" serves to bind keys on keyboard and mouse to program controls. In order to bind a key to any control element you have to press a desired key for a chosen element and confirm the action. In order to bind a mouse button you have to press a desired button two times (for the right mouse button you need to click the right button once and choose "Bind The Right Mouse Button" in menu) for a chosen element and confirm the action.

Table "Variables" is used to configure the settings for the program. Depending on the game, it may also have different variables (such as mouse sensitivity, screen resolution and etc).

The program has an automatic configuration system according to game configuration file and software setup is not required in most cases. Just confirm and specify path during the first program start.


Random process - running the program with a random name to avoid potential problems of blocking game account.

Randomize Events - using random variables in macros to simulate actions of a real person.

Reverse Mouse - using mouse inversion.

Sounds - turning up sound effects.

Graphics - turning up graphical interface.

 A   Autodetect - automatic weapon detection mode.

"Reset" - resets program settings and installes the latest version of preset.

"Run" - button that runs or stops work of the macros.

Tab "Help" - Instructions for using the program



1) Run program as Administrator for PUBG Lite;

2) Indicate path of the game configuration file by special appeared window or click "Reset" button to show this window;

3) Activate the weapons & attachments autodetection feature - check the activation of the "A" button in the program if you use the private version. Autodetect function works correctly with game resolution 1920x1080;

4) You can also bind any macro of WEAPON, SCOPE or SHOOTING POSE to any key of the keyboard or mouse in the "Controls" table (just select needed WEAPON, SCOPE or SHOOTING POSE and press needed key of the keyboard or double press needed button of the mouse);

5) Click on the "Run" button and then launch the game;

6) After running the preset use the hotkeys to control macros:

  • F5 ("DETECT_WEAPONS" command) for scanning weapons and attachments from game Inventory (autodetection function in the private version of the program). After scanning weapons and attachments from your Inventory, you can use keys 1, 2, 3 keys to switch weapons along with macros scanned earlier from your Inventory. In a private program, the function works when the "A" button is activated;
  • F6 key ("SHOW BUTTONS" command) to select a WEAPON, ATTACHMENTS or SHOOTING POSE;
  • KEY_OEM_3 key or "~" tilde key ("*SWITCH" command) can disable or enable the macro on the last selected weapon;
  • CAPS_LOCK key ("*PREVIEW_WEAPON" command) can switch macros between the last selected weapons (it saves attachments);
  • F7 key ([PAUSE] command) can pause or resume the work of the preset;
  • F8 key ([EXIT] command) can stop the work of the preset.
  • F10 key ([QUIT] command) for quick exit from the program.

If for some reason the preset macros do not work correctly or inaccurately, then click the "Reset" button (if it is in your version of the program) and specify the path to the game configuration file again or configure the preset manually using the information below.


It is recommended not using the graphical interface (menu with buttons) of the program to avoiding possible problems.

Macros works accurately only with stable FPS - 60 or higher.

Do not use additional accessories for weapons (except for scopes, extended mags, grips and barrels listed below).

Don't forget to switching SHOOTING POSES if you do not use the autodetect function in the private version of the program (default pose is STAND). You can also bind SHOOTING POSES to keys or buttons in "Controls" table (for example STAND - KEY_SPACE, SIT - KEY_C, DOWN - KEY_Z).

Check the key binding to the "HOLD BREATH" (default key is KEY_SHIFT in "Controls" table) in accordance with the game settings.

For PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile use special PUBG Lite specific macros (with PUBG_LITE mark in name). A list of special weapons is presented below.

To play PUBG Mobile version you need to manually configure the preset (set the desired values for each SENSITIVITY_SCOPE in "Variables" table).

In order to protect your game account from possible problems, enable the "Randomize events" option (the program uses random values in macros, reducing the risks of their detection, but reducing the accuracy of execution too). Also do not forget about possible complaints from other players.

private version of PUBG / PUBG Lite is a program compiled individually for each user to ensure the security of playing with the program for one month.

PayPal and Robokassa payment systems work. Robokassa includes payments from Bank Cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Qiwi, etc.

If the buy button does not work, then try disabling browser extensions that may affect the site (adguard, etc.)

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